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tv   Action News  ABC  August 22, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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perez. a family survives a terrifying home invasion in northeast philadelphia. the the americans who took down a gunman on board a train
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in france, speak out. but the big story on "action news" tonight is drowning of the child at a swim club in bucks county. it happened this afternoon, at the neshaminy shore picnic park in humeville. "action news" reporter jeff chirico joins us live with the details, jeff? >> reporter: yeah, hey walter humeville police expect to release new details about this drowning to help shed some light, on the circumstances, surrounding it. what we do know, however is that a four year-old boy, drowned at a private park, around 1:30 this afternoon. now let's set the stage for you. it happened at the neshaminy shore picnic park. that is a privately run park along the neshaminy creek in humeville boro. we are told according to the web site it caters to school, and corporate groups, and camps as well as family reunions. now around 1:30 a four year-old child was pulled from the pool, medics performed cpr on that child while they rush him to st. mary medical center in langhorne. however, we're told that the child did not make it and was
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pronounced dead there at the hospital. as i said, humeville police investigating this drowning, right now, they are about to release new information to help shed some light on the circumstances surrounding this, and hopefully release more information in the very near future. of course, stay tuned to channel six "action news" as well as six for very latest. live from bensalem, bucks county jeff chirico for channel six "action news". >> thanks, jeff. with help from the national awareness alliance jerome reid's family announced they are calling for a federal investigation into his death. reid was shot and killed by two bridgeton police officers last december. earlier this week a grand jury decided not to charge them. shooting happened during a traffic stop and was recorded on police dash cam. reid's family now wants the federal government to look into whether his civil rights were violated. >> justice was not served. my son does not have judgment. i don't have no peace. i want something done to these
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two officers. >> walter husband with the national awareness alliance planned to sent a letter to new jersey attorney general paul fishman next week officially requesting that federal investigation. police are looking for a 23 year-old woman from wildwood accused of stabbing one of her relatives early friday morning. the this is cristina vasquez, police say, that she stabbed a 26 year-old man in the back, whom she somehow related to at about 5:00 a.m. on friday morning, on the 100 block of east young avenue in wildwood. the the victim is being treated the atlantic city medical center. the vasquez remains on the loose tonight. a man was arrested in aston, delaware county today after police say he shot his girl friend, in the stomach. it happened at about 3:30 this afternoon, on the unit block of bunting lane. 291 year-old was rushed to crozer-chester medical center in critical condition but the the boyfriend, who has not yet been identified, is behind bars tonight. police in philadelphia are investigating a terrifying home invasion, in the northeast, late last night. it happened at about
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11:00 o'clock on the 2200 block of diston street. a couple and their two children were home at the time when two masked men burst through their door. they threatened to shoot the woman and her son, unless the husband handed over money. he gave the thieves $480 and they took off. now police track down one suspect a short time later. the other remains on the loose tonight. a car crashed in bensalem ended with a death of the eight two-year old man and his wife in serious condition. it happened at the about 1:00 this afternoon on the night nights road, investigators say the elderly man simply lost control and flipped the vehicle. he was pronounced dead at the scene. well, believe it or not, it is almost time to go back to school. am i smiling? i'm sorry. so today overbrook high school, had a time to get ready and some overbrook alumni gave up their saturday mornings to paint walls, sweep sidewalks and scrub the the a hallways. organizes say goal, to create a clean, orderly environment for returning students and these overbrook graduates say they are very happy to help
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out. but before the summer vacancies on end, mother nature gave us a a beauty today. it may have been one of the best saturdays of the year, with sunny skies, moderate temperatures, and a wonderful nice breeze. we're hoping for a few more, maybe repeat tomorrow, meteorologist melissa a magee is soaking in the final sun kissed moments of the day and joins us on the patio with the accu weather forecast, melissa. >> hi there, walter. a gorgeous start to the weekend with plenty of sunshine overhead and bright, blue, crisp sky as well as numbers across delaware and lehigh valleys, nice and comfortable. eighty-four in the city. eighty-one in trenton a long the coast in beach haven coming in at 8o cape may is at 79. check out the dew point, the level of moisture in the atmosphere, right the now, we have dew points in the middle 40's. so nice, comfortable overhead, atmosphere is dry, thanks to that northerly wind that helps to drain down the dryer air. and, if you are heading out on the town tonight more specifically heading over to the link as eagles are at home in the prime time match up, preseason game, up against the
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ravens. a few cloud, pleasant. kick off temperature around 81. once we get in the fourth we will drop down to 77. we will talk about what is ahead. we have changes on the way for second half of our weekend, nice, comfortable with lower humidity today. we're tracking possibility of spotty shower come tomorrow, and it will be turning more humid plus we will update on the tropic as we are tracking hurricane danny. we will have details on that, walter with the full, exclusive accu weather forecast. >> thank you, medical list. it was a violent night in philadelphia police are investigating several shoot as cross the city, first was a homicide at a cobbs creek section in philadelphia it happened 1:00 a.m. on the 5400 block of norfolk street where a 21 year-old man was found lying on the street with several gunshot wound. he was arrested at penn presbyterian where he was pronounced dead. so far no arrests in the case. less than half an hour later police were called to the 1400 block of patton street in grays ferry where another 21 year-old man was found, on the basement steps of the home, shot repeatedly. investigators say that the man
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had actually been walking down the street with a female friend, when the gun man attack. he pushed his friend out of the way and he was struck. he was transported to penn presbyterian where he remains in critical condition. and then at 2:30 this morning a 31 year-old man was shot in the strawberry mansion section. this happened on the 2800 block of west huntington street, the the victim was shot twice and remained in critical condition tonight. and, just before 4:00o close clock, this shooting in south philadelphia ended with a 54 year-old man critically wounded. investigators say he was shot in the head in the 2,000 block of south 60th street. no arrests in this case. well, two police officers from philadelphia, killed in the line of duty, were honored today with a new memorial unveiled at their home district. a community day was held at this afternoon at between the second district in north philadelphia, as part of the honor. the "action news" reporter trish hartman has the the details. >> reporter: family members of the officer moses walker, junior and sergeant robert wilson, the third, shed tears,
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when they saw the memorial to their loved ones killed in the line of duty. >> i was taken back a bit, taken back to the day that it happened. it happened in that manner. >> reporter: statues of walker and wilson complete with glass cases and lighting are here, thanks to community donations. the artist and creator a fellow officer. >> it makes me happy, and sad at the same time. just sad at the same time. >> reporter: walker was shot and killed during a robbery attempt in 2012 as he was walking to a bus stop after his shift at the 22nd district. wilson was killed earlier this year as he tried to stop a robbery at a north philadelphia game stop where he was buying a gift for his son. >> in addition to the memorial, unveiling, a cook out was held at the 22nd district and officers hope this will be an annual event, away time prove the relationship between police officers and the community.
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>> especially for the the children, because it gives them guidelines, let them know that hey, the the police aren't always out to harass you, or to hurt you, they are this to protect you. >> reporter: between the grill and newly dedicated memorial folks hopes the bonds forms here will lab longer than a day. >> it is a lot. in a situation like this, an event like this, it basically shows there is just nice people like you and i. >> we're not all bad. >> reporter: in north philadelphia, trish hartman channel six "action news". a lot more to come on "action news", the americans who foiled an attack on board a paris bound train speak out about their courage is actions. plus a woman from delaware celebrates her 100th birthday. we will tell you what she says is a secret to a long life. also coming up, the eagles take on the rave tones day at the link, jamie a apody is there with a preseason preview, hi there, jamie. >> sam bradford is expected to start, he is on the field behind me.
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so is, nelson ago hall or, monk the guys, warming up. remember his first ever nfl catch last week went for a touchdown. will the same thing happen tonight? we will find out, eagles/ravens a preview coming up, walter? >> thanks, jamie. that and much more when "action news" comes right back.
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speaking out about their brave, selfless actions on board a paris bound train. the the group, including two u.s. service members tackled and disarmed a man carrying an assault weapon, ammunition and knife. spencer stone who serves in the air force walk out of the french hospital today, a day after being injured by that gunman. he and two of his friend jumped in to action once they realized they were in danger. >> we didn't know that his gun wasn't working or anything like that. spencer just ran anyway and if anybody would have gotten shot, it would have been spencer for sure.
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>> the gun man and identified as a man, and no word on the motive but investigators say it is clear that the actions of those three americans, likely prevented a tragedy. world news saturday will have much more on this story coming up at 6:30 right here after "action news". hundreds of motorcyclist took part in the never forget ride today to remember, those who lost their lives protecting others on september . police officers from delaware, led the way, as the group traveled from the newark, toll plaza to the delaware memorial bridge. this group says that it holds its annual ride in august so survivors can mourn once september rolls around. the riders were part of the america's 9/11 foundation which funds a scholarship program for children of active first responders. more than a thousand young athletes converged on bucks county today for the soccer for soldiers tournament. the warrington soccer club posted this four on four festival at the i pw fields
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right there in chalfont. registration fees and donations went toward the pennsylvania and delaware chapters of the operation, home fronts, that charity provides emergency financial help and other assistance to the service members families and wounded warriors. since 1961, pearle vision has provided the neighborhood with expert eye care. that was dr. stanley pearle's vision and we still proudly carry on his legacy. today, doctors like lisa hamilton perform
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eye exams that can help detect diabetes. because we care for you... and your eyes. this is genuine eye care, in your neighborhood. this is pearle vision.
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batter up, the montgomery county senior softball league took on the phillies ball girls, and two charity softball games, this afternoon. two generations came together, to have a great time for a good cause. proceeds from the event in hatfield township go toward, several local charities. and time for a check of sports, jeff skversky is here and eagles hoping to build on the good performance last week. >> sam bradford, everybody is dying to see this guy in action, eagles fans, bradford has been dying to see himself on the football field. he will get that shot tonight.
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tomorrow will be a year to the very day, eagles quarterback sam bradford went down with that second acl tear. that is why bradford admits he has the butterflies heading into tonight's preseason game with the walt more ravens. lets go to our jamie apody live at the link where all eyes will be on bradford tonight. >> that is for sure, jeff. bradford is active, expected to start tonight. he is on the field behind me. what we don't know is how many series he will be in for. but like you said, all eyes will be on sam bradford tonight. check it out, he was warming up on the field a short time ago. one of the most anticipated debuts for an eagles quarterback in a long time. maybe going back to donovan mcnabb, maybe? after all of the seasons, it lies on this guys shoulders. do you think he will be rusty? the question is how will he react when he gets hit. you know that will happen. believe it or not, he wants it to happen. >> yeah, i think it is always good to get that first hit out of the way, you know, you
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never like to get hit but sometimes it gets you in the flow of the game. hopefully it doesn't happen, hopefully not a big shot, but i wouldn't be -- i wouldn't hate going to the ground and getting up and knowing i will be okay. >> after chip has seen enough of bradford he will hand the ball to mark sanchez who what's rag i can last week. you figure had matt barclay will get in the third and tim tebow the fourth. these other guys want to see improvement this week. >> just get off to a faster start. i think i left a couple throws out there that i know i can hit. that is the way it goes. you come back your first game and not as sharp as you want to be but that is what preseason is for. i felt like i had a good week here. i feel good going in the game. >> just everything that, you know, we're being coached to do, and from decision make to go foot work, to communication, it is offense to the tempo, getting everything up and going fast. all of those things are important. >> the crowd is really amped up tonight, after all, there won't be another football game
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here, until september 20th, and that is home open's begins the the cowboys. so, your last chance to see the eagles in philadelphia. your first chance to see sam bradford tonight, should be a good one. live from lincoln financial field, jamie apody, channel six "action news". >> i love the fact that he wants to get hit. i love it. jamie, ducis, myself will be joined by eagles linebacker brandon graham tomorrow night for "action news" sports sunday at 11:35. hopefully we will see demarco murray tonight as well for your eagles. for the fourth time in five games ryan howard is not in the phillies starting line up tonight. howard out even though he had had three doubles and two runs batted in last night. only mike schmidt has more lbi the's in phils history. jared eichoff making history himself in his debut, eichoff whom they pick up, first phillies pitcher since hamels, nine years ago, to have a scoreless start in his big league debut. first in team history to have two rbi's, with the bat , in
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his debut. picks up the w. aaron harang is on the mound tonight, hopefully they will go nuts for harang as well. hamels threw a no hitter in his last phillies start. chase utley got no hits in his first hit after leaving the phillies. the utley will get another crack at it tonight batting sixth and playing second for the the dodgers. longest double play combination in the history will take the field together for the first time in dodgers blue, utley will play alongside jimmy rollins tonight, last night batting 1/2. they had no luck. they were no hit. by houston's mike fires. >> it is pretty cool, wearing blue, obviously a little different. it hasn't quite sunk in yet but i imagine it soon enough will. i can't tell you how excited i am to play with jimmy again. >> end i car racing in the poconos, qualifying today, how about this, charlie kimball, ouch, takes a tumble, nasty
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crash in the wall going over 220 miles per hour, and amazingly, kimball walks away unharmed, the the car does not qualify. he will ohio castro neffes takes the poll amazing they walk away from that. up next on "action news", meteorologist melissa magee has the exclusive accu weather seven day forecast, stick around. "many patients and their doctors unfortunately are not aware of the options available to patients with bone cancer. patients with bone cancer deserve a specialist too.
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magee has your accu weather forecast, after today was beautiful. >> yes, gorgeous, perfect ten. >> yes. >> all of those things. >> it is nice today, walter.
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we have changes on the way as we get in the second half of the weekend. the showers for some we will talk about. that storm tracker six live double scan radar showing dry, quiet across the delaware and lehigh valley. high pressure is dominating, it is staying in control for rest of tonight, low humidity thanks to the northerly win. we will show you picture outside sky six live in hd we are down the shore in atlantic city, looking at those beach umbrellas. everyone on the beach, sand enjoying a nice saturday afternoon. however, at the coast tomorrow, there is the possibility of a spritz or sprinkle. we will talk about the details and reason why. high today in philadelphia not a bad start. 86 degrees. out in doylestown eight 56789 record 97. setback in 1916. along the coast at this hour, 79 in margate. seventy-nine in ocean city. down in cape may coming in at 79. as you head inland we have 80's along 95 corridor. eighty-four in philadelphia. eighty-one in trenton. seventy-eight in allentown. lehigh valley. up in the poconos, not as bad,
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coming in at 69 degrees. here's satellite six with action radar, partly cloudy, sunny and dry thanks to high pressure across the the ohio valley and mid-atlantic region but what we are tracking for tomorrow is the that you had out frontal boundary producing showers across the east and long island. we will cross eastern sections of new england. the the track tomorrow will move westward. as it gets closer to us, is there a possibility of the spotty shower. it all depend where this frontal boundary moves across delaware and lehigh valleys and best bet would be east of the city. call from accu weather for rest of tonight partly cloudy, and 56. and in the suburbs for overnight low, 66, in philadelphia with that northerly win. here's the setup for us, on our second half of the weekend on sunday. the cloud, sunshine. a isolated shower is possible mainly east of the city, otherwise, high temperature coming in at 86 degrees. it does look like both locations tomorrow will stay dry. taking you down to the tropics, keeping a close eye
6:26 pm
on danny, wind sustained at 75 . the storm has weaken, somewhat from yesterday, still a category one hurricane, moving west/northwest at 14 miles per hour and 570 miles east of the lee ward islands. by tomorrow we do expect this storm system to weaken to a tropical storm. nonetheless we have interest in san juan puerto rico or dominican republic keep a watchful eye on the storm system and progression of hurricane danny. down the shore tomorrow, 73 degrees in the water but as you head out on the beach and sand, 84 degrees, cloud and sunshine, pop up showers and that humidity will creep up, east of the city. accu weather forecast, it is showing 86 degrees. not a bad day. more humid on monday, 89 degrees. thunder showers possible. as we get into tuesday, lower humidity, that is nice, 88 degrees. sunny and beautiful mid week at 86. eighty-four on thursday, those are really good looking days, walter, upper 80's as we get
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into friday and next saturday. >> very nice. >> thanks, melissa. local family threw a birthday party of the century today. action cam on the scene there in wilmington to help with birthat smith a 100th birthday. they gathered a the united methodist church for cake and pretzels. as for the secret to a long life, her response is a little different than most. >> a long life, eating a lot. >> eat ago lot. >> sound good to me. birtha was born and raised in wilmington. she used to work at john wanamaker and kennard's department stores. her mother lived to be 105 years old. happy birthday. world news saturday is next on channel six, don't miss "action news" at ten on phl17 tonight. then we're back here again on six a abc at 11:00. for melissa magee, jeff skversky and the entire "action news" team, i'm walter perez. we will see you right back here at 11:00 o'clock.
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welcome to "world news tonight." u.s. servicemen on a high-speed train, jumping into action, grabbing a shooter's gun, saving lives. >> i looked over at spencer and said, let's go, go. >> tonight those heros speaking out. the stunt pilot in the military jet, thousands watching as something goes horribly wrong. the fireball, the sky full of smoke, the deadly crash landing onto a crowded road. donald trump packing a stadium, arriving in his plane, playing to his fans. >> i'll prove once and for all that it's mine. >> did he break a campaign record? and the hip-hop star at the center of the hit movie "straight outta compton" making millions on his bad boy image, what dr. dre is apologizing for tonight.


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